There are two different types of Painted Memories Collages that I can create.

  • The first type is a Painted Memories Collage where I primarily use painted elements to create the main subject matter.
  • The second type is a Painted Memories Photo Collage where I primarily use altered photographs as the main subject matter.

    Whether you want to do a Painted Memories Collage or a Painted Memories Photo Collage, the process for creating the final piece is very much the same.They both are a mix of your most special memories gathered into a collage that is then painted to create a truly everlasting piece of art. First you choose a theme from which your collage will based. It can be to celebrate an anniversary, retirement, special event or to express your love for your family, a loved one, a favorite pet or anything you so choose. Once you have an idea of what it is you would like to say with your collage, I will be happy to find out more by talking to you about your ideas. I will take notes and talk to you about how I create the collages. If you see elements of my paintings in the galleries that you like feel free to let me know as I can re-create variations of those elements in the final piece. The final piece of art can contain photos, poems, 2-dimensional items that have special meanings ie., wine labels, marriage certificates and the list goes on. The final pieces can also be adorned with large ornate frames that are painted to become an extension of the painting itself.

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