Color is my strength. The way one color merges with,melts into, and then becomes another color is appealing to me. Intensity of color is my trademark. I have developed my own style through experimentation, expressing my passions, and from studying the masters. I love to look at the paintings of Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Modigliani. My Grandmother was a painter,  and not only have I inherited the love for painting from her, but also the love of family. Everyday, my paintings are influenced by my family relationships, photographs, textiles, and the way that color changes the everyday into something beautiful.

 Realization that I am an artist came late to me. I have always been a crafter, and used to believe that crafters and artists are worlds apart. Now I know the elements of art and craft overlap. I painted for years before I was able to call myself an artist. I believe some artists are born knowing art is a driving force in their lives. Others have to enter a life of art through different doors. My doors were perseverance and practice. I continue to walk through those doors. They help me to continue to grow as an artist.


    It is my bright, bold use of color that appeals to people. My paintings are not shy. They are audacious, confident statements of art. They catch the eye. Several people have told me that looking at my art makes them happy. That makes me happy.

     All of my paintings are works in progress. I start with an idea, but usually, I am not sure where it will end up. Somewhere in the process, the painting takes on a life of its own, and I just try to go with it. Sometimes, I look at one of my paintings, and I wonder where I was when the painting was going on, because I don't remember how I got it to look like it does. I love to paint to music, the faster the tempo, the faster the brush moves. An artist naturally feels the need to share art. I do that by showing and selling my paintings, but I also teach painting. I especially enjoy teaching a child to appreciate his or her own abilities. Who knows where the next generation of artists will come from?

Kathy Kromer


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